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Does your landscaping add value to your home?

Does your landscaping add value to your home? Support your loving pollinating insects and dress up your yard.

We have heard the number one factor in real estate, location, location, location…but how about curb appeal? In a Zillow survey, real estate agents named curb appeal one of the five most important factors in selling a home.  First impressions DO count and your landscaping can make or break a sale.

A yard that has been well taken care of sends the right signal to a buyer.  It reflects care, attention, detail, that transfers to the rest of the house.  Not to mention that a well-landscaped home can add considerable value to your property.

When you are planning to do any landscaping, keep it simple.  A labor-intensive landscape can turn off some buyers.  The number-one thing that buyers are looking for in landscaping is a clean, uncluttered, manicured design.

If you are in a budget, here are some simple, inexpensive landscaping tips that will add value to your home:

• Spruce up a tired lawn.  Buyers like a lush, green looking lawn. There are a variety of high-quality organic fertilizers available in the market that will help you do just that.

• Keep the grass mowed. It makes a BIG difference, specially before a showing.

• Cleaning up. Trim the shrubs, remove weeds and dead limbs, tidy up the space all around the house.

• Power-wash.  This is a simple and inexpensive way to brighten up your exteriors.  Concentrate on your driveway, walkway, fences, outbuildings, exterior siding.

• Ad Fresh Mulch.  Another cost-effective way to invigorate your yard and make the surrounding plants pop.

• Use potted plants – pop some color. Pick up some inexpensive colorful annuals to enhance your walkway and overall curb appeal.

• Curve lines add fluidity to your yard. Creating a clear, well-defined edge between your grass and mulch gives the landscape a professional look.

• Combine plants of different heights.  Give your home some depth and dimension by combining plants  and shrubs of different heights.

• Outdoor seating.  A simple bench, chair, hammock, makes your yard inviting and functional.

• Be creative… drape outdoor curtains, add some lighting, hang bee houses, build a fire pit…

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